Catfish Creek Brew Pub

You are probably aware of the recent nationwide boom in the craft beer industry.  It has not gone unnoticed by Charlie of Catfish Charlie’s River Club.  Actually, he has been part of this movement for years, and in 2015 decided to convert a small corner of his restaurant into his own microbrewery.  Now, just a few years later, all of the tappers in Catfish Charlie’s are pouring their own product to rave reviews.  The list of beers changes often, but here is a recent list of offerings:


Golden Eagle Ale

Lemon Saison

Wingdam Wheat

Memominee Citra IPA

Sandy Bottom Brown Ale

Scotch Ale

Bourbon Port Scotch Ale

Mudlake Belgian Triple

Dead Man’s Stout

Limestone Bluff Lemon Saison

Ice Harbor IPA



And now, after a little sweet talk’n and pleading, we are pleased to announce that Catfish Creek Brew Pub will supply the American Lady with a few selections of their beer.  We do not have the number of tap handles that the brew pub has, but we will offer a few of the pub’s selections.  We are stoked about this and we believe you beer drinkers are going to love it!