Some frequently asked questions about our cruises:

 1.  How are meals served on your cruises?

Our meals are served buffet style.  On a typical cruise, we open the buffet approximately 10 minutes after we leave the dock.  We have a crew member help serve the entree in order to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.  After everyone has had a chance at the buffet, come back for seconds!


2.  Is your yacht enclosed or open to the elements?

Both!  Our boat has two levels, and each has a combination of open-air and climate controlled areas.  Our lower deck has our “Main Salon” and is enclosed and heated/air conditioned.  Our guests also have the option of moving to the open bow to get some sun and breeze.  The upper deck has the enclosed and heated/air conditioned “Admirals Quarters” as well as the open-air Aft Deck at the rear of the boat.  Under normal circumstances, a ticket to cruise gains you access to all of these areas.


3.  Where exactly are you located?

Our physical address is 1630 E. 16th Street, Dubuque, IA.  Park in Catfish Charlie’s River Club parking lot and walk to the back of the building.  There you will see our yacht and ticket office sharing the same dock.


4.  What other points of interest are near you?

Chaplain Schmitt Memorial Island is home to the Dubuque Yacht Basin, American Marine (you can rent pontoon boats there), Mystique Ice Center (home of Dubuque’s Fighting Saints), Q Casino, Miller Riverview Park, Hilton Garden Inn, Houlihan’s, Veteran’s Memorial Plaza, Gerald McAleece Park & Recreation Complex, and a public boat ramp.  Our site is just a two minute drive from the popular Warehouse District, and another two minutes from downtown attractions.


5.  What is the best way to give a cruise as a gift?

We can create gift certificates to fit your needs.  Would you like it to be $50? Or would you like it to be for six Sunset Dinner Cruises?  Our gift certificates can be done either way.


6.  Can I smoke on the American Lady?

No.  Every part of the boat is a no smoking zone, even the outdoor areas.


7.  When can I get on the boat?

As a general rule, we start boarding 15 minutes before we leave the dock.


8.  Why do I have to pay for the boarding pass when I make the reservations?

Past experience has shown that it takes an uncomfortably long time to process all of those payments just before a cruise.  Our guests have to stand in long lines in the sun, and our departure schedule may be jeopardized.  Also, our boat has limited capacity, and we want everyone who genuinely wants to cruise to have the ability to do so.  And, taking payment at the time of the reservation shows a commitment on our guest’s part that then allows us to properly plan food and staffing requirements.


9.  Where do I get my boarding pass?

You find them in our ticket office which floats on a dock across from the American Lady.  A handsome wooden building with the feel of a cabin.  With your advance reservations, we will be prepared to quickly hand to you your boarding pass for presentation to the Captain, who will welcome you aboard.


10.  Are you open in the winter months?

Our office is staffed year-round but we do not cruise from approximately the last week of October to the first or second week of April.  Our yacht actually gets frozen into the ice while resting at it’s dock!


11.  Do you have life jackets on board?

Yes!  Our yacht is rated by the U.S. Coast Guard to safely cruise with 135 passengers.  We have more than enough regulation life jackets on the yacht for everyone on board.


12.  What happens if it rains?

We keep our normal cruising schedule even when it rains.  However, in the event of severe weather (tornado watch, zero visibility due to heavy rain or fog, etc), in the interest of safety, the Captain may decide to cancel the cruise.


13.  What are your crew’s credentials?

Passenger vessels operating in the United States must adhere to strict Coast Guard regulations.  Our Captain is licensed by the Coast Guard to operate our vessel, and our crew is properly trained and certified by the Coast Guard in such areas as; man overboard rescue, fire equipment operation, first aid, and more. In addition, the Captain and crew must pass random drug tests to remain in their position.  And our yacht is inspected annually by the Coast Guard and does not take on passengers unless everything is top notch.


14.  Is your yacht wheelchair accessible?

Our front entrance is 27 inches wide and our rear entrance is 33 inches wide making us accessible to most wheelchairs on our main (lower) level.  However, there is no elevator or other type of lift to the upper deck.


15.  Can I carry-on my own food and/or beverages?

No.  Because we are in the food and beverage business, we must adhere to codes and laws set forth by state and local health departments  Those regulations forbid carry-on food and beverages.


16.  Do you cruise even if the river level is high?

Yes.  High (or low for that matter) river depth does not deter us.  High water just provides us with that much more water to float on for your cruise.


17.  Are there restrooms on the yacht?

Yes.  There is a Lady’s Room and a Men’s Room on the Main Level, no restrooms on the upper level.